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Welcome to Payper Street

Congratulations on being selected as a PAYPER ST partnered business! Our goal is to support your business by driving traffic to your location, raise awareness of your brand, and offer this to you at NO COST to youAs a selected partnered business, you join a network of businesses that are eligible to have PAYPER ST DEBIT CARD users earn 2%or more in cash back rewards, just by shopping and supporting your business! If you are seeing this page, we just need one more piece of information to get your setup and get our users earning rewards for patronizing your business.

Sending in your MID

The merchant ID code is needed to tell our system that a card user has purchased from your business and deserves a reward. If you need help in finding your MID, please see the details below with the common merchant providers. Once you find this, please email your MID over to and title the email: NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS / MERCHANT ID #

Contact Us

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